What is SeTracker2 app?

You can bind the child’s watch to your parent’s phone using the Setracker2 app.

The watch on its own will be able to make phones call as it functions like a mobile phone. But with Setracker2 it comes with a whole range of other functions like Pedometer, Steps Tracker, Calories Counter, GPS tracker, SOS button, Remote camera, Geofence boundary, and many many more!


Why is there no pick up button for WhatsApp Call?

Do note that WhatsApp Messenger on watch is for messaging only, both text and audio messages. For calling, you can just voice/video call the watch directly.

Recently we upgraded the WhatsApp app on watch to include the bonus feature of outgoing WhatsApp call. We are still working towards integrating incoming WhatsApp calls, so do update your watch frequently!

For incoming calls, you can make voice/video calls directly via our in-house SeTracker2 app, and your child will be able to pick up.


Can I use the watch without SIM-card / able to connect to WIFI?

Yes, you can use the watch without SIM-card as our watch also allows you to connect to the WIFI!


What SIM card can I use for this watch?

SIM card size: nano Sim.

Supported Telco: Starhub, M1, SingTel, Circles Life, MyRepublic.


Can I still make phone calls if i get the watch without WhatsApp?

Yes, you can make phone calls directly from the watch as it functions like a phone. However, if you get the Without WhatsApp version, you will not be able to use WhatsApp messenger, WhatsApp voice message, WhatsApp group chat, which is very popular among Singaporean parents

Do you use usually WhatsApp on your phone? If yes, we would recommend to get the whatsApp version!


Why is the WhatsApp messages scrolled all the way to the top?

We are currently working on releasing a new update for the watch so that the latest message will be shown first without scrolling to the top.

Do update your watch frequently so that it will receive all the new updates that we are releasing progressively over the next few months.

To update your watch, go to watch Settings > More > Device Info > Wireless Update


Is the watch waterproof?

It is not water resistant, only splash proof!

No digital product is totally water resistant, there’s still risk of short circuit which is dangerous for children. so even for other watches that claim to be resistant please do not make contact with water for children safety!


Watch has 'SIM-card error'

Please insert SIM-card only when the watch is shut down. If SIM-card is inserted when watch is on, it will result in SIM-card error.

Simply pressing on the SOS button will not shut down the watch, but only lock the screen.

To shutdown the watch go to Settings > Shut Down

Please also check that sim-card is inserted in the right direction, otherwise it will also show “SIM-card Error”.

The correct way to insert the sim-card is to have both the watch and the micro-chip facing upwards (towards you), and the cornered side of the SIM-card to fo into the watch first.



Is there entertainment or internet?

This watch cannot surf web, Youtube and has no games. It is purely to make calls, Google translate, Whats-App and GPS. This means that your child will not be distracted by entertainments and surfing of internet.


Is there Classroom mode function?

Yes, our watch has this function called Classroom Mode. Parents can activate Classroom Mode during school hours to restrict usage of the smartwatch. When in Classroom Mode, the watch will simply function as a digital watch with time display, so children will not be distracted by other functions of the watch.


How to add contacts? / I am unable to contact from the watch.

In order to add contacts in to watch, you have to use the Setracker 2 app to add your contacts before it is able to be added in the watch contacts.

The contact you wish to call has to also bind with the watch as well using the Setracker 2, as otherwise the contacts will not be able to add or unable to contact.

 Video guides available here.